Exbucklandia R. W. Brown ( Bucklandia R. Br. non Pr. ex Sternb., Symingtonia Steen.) In an article on “Alterations in some fossil and living floras” (J. Wash. Ac. Sc. 36: 348. Oct. 1946) R. W. Brown proposed the new generic name Exbucklandia for the Hamamelidaceous genus Bucklandia R. Br., non Pr. ex Sternb., while describing a new fossil species from the United States. He also transferred B. populnea to the new genus. Unfortunately I had overlooked this publication when proposing Symingtonia to replace Bucklandia R. Br. (Acta Bot. Neerl. 1: 443—444. 1952). Exbucklandia will have to be accepted for it in future. The Indo-Chinese species B. tonkinensis Lecomte should be referred to as Exbucklandia tonkinensis (Lecomte) Steen. comb. nov. I have to thank Dr E. H. Walker for pointing my attention to R. W. Brown’s paper.