When revising the acrostichoid genera Bolbitis and Egenolfia from the Old World for my thesis, I came across Acrostichum neglectum F. M. Bail. This species, which was successively transferred to the genera Leptochilus and Campium, has the essential characters of a blechnoid fern. On account of the differences found between A. neglectum and the other blechnoid ferns, it seems necessary to create a new genus to accommodate it, a point of view shared by Prof. Holttum, who gave me valuable advice for this study. I am indebted to Mr L. S. Smith of the Botanic Museum and Herbarium, Brisbane, for the loan of the collections of this species, to Mr J. H. Kern, who kindly helped me with the preparation of the English text, and to Prof. van Steenis for supervising the MS.