A brief summary of the present taxonomic position in Agalmyla Blume (Gesneriaceae) is given. Six new species are described, A. bicolor, A. exannulata and A. remotidentata from Sulawesi, A. macrocalyx from Borneo (Sarawak), A. samarica from the Philippines (Samar) and A. manuselae from the Moluccas (Seram). The plant long known as Dichrotrichum ternateum de Vriese is transferred to Agalmyla, under its oldest epithet, as A. elongata (Blume) B.L. Burtt, and two other early names of species from New Guinea are also transferred as A. chalmersii (F. Muell.) B.L. Burtt and A. triflora (Valeton) B.L. Burtt.