Sericolea is a genus endemic to New Guinea. The relevant literature is surveyed. Descriptions are given of all species and keys provided to the 15 species and all infraspecific taxa accepted. Two species are described as new: S. coodei and S. microphylla. A new subspecies of S. brassii A. C. Sm. is recognized: ssp. carrii. S. arfakensis Gibbs, S. gracilis (Laut.) Schltr., and S. novoguineensis Gibbs reduced by Coode in a recent paper are reinstated and S. glabra Schltr.. also reduced by Coode, is recognized as a variety of S. micans Schltr. Three new varieties are distinguished in S. gaultheria (F. v. M.) Schltr. and one in S. novoguineensis Gibbs.