Archboldia, nov. gen. — Frutices; folia opposita; inflorescentiae terminales, paniculato-corymbosae, e cymis compositae; calyx plus minusve patens, infundibuliformis, 5-lobatus; corolla exserta, ventricoso-cylindrica, utrinque glabra, aetinomorpha, breviter 5-lobata; stamina 4 alternipetalia, introrsa, dorsifixa haud exserta, monodynamia, corollae paulo sub fauce inserta, breviter filamentosa; ovarium 4-sulcatum, bicarpellatum, imperfecte 4-loculatum, ovula 4 anatropa placentis basi-parietalibus inflexis affixa; stylus haud exsertus, stigmate subulato; cetera desunt. Though the material is very scanty and not very well preserved, we may suppose with some probability that this is the representative of a new genus. It cannot be combined with any Verbenaceous genus thusfar known from Malaysia, New Guinea, Australia or Polynesia, being particularly distinguished by its peculiarly glabrous, inflate and actinomorphous corolla and its mododynamous and very short stamens. These features remind somewhat of certain Ericaceae, hence the specific name, chosen for the only species known at the time.