New material of Knema, mainly from Borneo, necessitated the description of 5 new species, 1 new subspecies, and 2 varieties, viz. Knema latericia subsp. latericia var. subtilis, K. stylosa (stat. nov.), K. viridis, K. glauca var. riparia, K. stenophylla subsp. longipedicellata (comb. et stat. nov.), K. subhirtella, K. mogeana, and K. riangensis. Altogether 14 species are commented upon. The new taxa have been inserted in the general key and regional keys to the species as presented in Blumea 25 (1979) and 27 (1981). At present 90 species in total are recognized in Knema. An index to names of taxa supplementary to that given in 1979 has been added.