Among the new material which was examined by me after the completion of the revision of the genus Pittosporum for the Flora Malesiana (vol. I, 5, 1957) and additions in Nova Guinea n.s., 9, 1958, 339, the following is worth mentioning: Pittosporum pentandrum (Blanco) Merr. NORTH BORNEO. Ranau Distr., Bukit Ampuan, alt. 1500 m, Meijer SAN 20289, in primary forest on hill side ridge. Note. This is the first record from Borneo; otherwise known from Formosa, the Philippine Islands, and N. Celebes. Pittosporum pullifolium Burkill. WEST NEW GUINEA. Koebre Mts, Anggi Lakes, alt. 2300 m, Sleumer & Vink BW 14148, shrub 4 m, on forest edge, rather scarce, fruit green. Note. A specimen with young fruits on infructescences which are placed axaillary along the twigs, instead of being terminal.