The Indo-Malesian genus Walsura Roxb. is revised and the closely related new genus, Pseudoclausena, is segregated from it. Walsura consists of three sections of which one ( Ruswala) is newly described, and thirteen species of which three (W. dehiscens, W. pachycaulon and W. sarawakensis) are newly described. One new combination is made (W. trifoliolata subsp. acuminata). The Malesian genus Pseudoclausena consists of one species (P. chrysogyne), formerly Walsura chrysogyne, and W. velutina is reduced to a new forma of it. A summary of the taxonomic history of the species is given. Notes on morphology (including micro-features of the leaf surface and pollen), wood, fruit and seed anatomy and chromosome and chemotaxonomic studies are included and seed dispersal systems are considered. Variation within the genera and speciation and biogeography are discussed. Notes on economic botany are given. All species are described and a key is presented.