Many plants are as a whole or in some characteristic features flabelliform. So it is easy to understand that botanists often used the word piпio or piпidiov as a component of plant names. It is rather astonishing, however, that this word, R(h)ipidion or R(h)ipidium occurs no less than five times as a generic name (including one nomen nudum). In the list of homonyms by Miss M. L. GREEN C.S. (Kew Bull. misc. Inf., 1935, p. 341—544) the word is not mentioned, though it is of importance for mycologists. It may seem curious that also OTTO KUNTZE, who was very keen on such cases, probably overlooked it. Only in the list of nomina conservanda (auct. R. MAIRE; Int. Rules Nomencl., Ed. III, 1935, p. 124) one of the cases was considered¹). Rhipidium CORNU, Bull. Soc. bot. Fr., 18, 1871, p. 58; Ann. Sci. nat. Bot., V, 15, 1872, p. 15. (Saprolegniaceae). Standard species: Rh. interruptum CORNU l.c. = Rh. continuum CORNU l.c. = Rh. europaeum VON MINDEN, Krypt. Fl. Brandenburg, V, 1915, p. 597 (1912). For the argument of typification, see VON MINDEN, l.c., p. 596.