Important as it may be, for the 19th Supplement to the Index Kewensis a mere announcement might suffice. One knows what can be expected; as far as I can see nothing has been changed as compared with the 18th Supplement. Worth mentioning is that whereas the 18th Supplement came out about one and a half year after the closing date – at that time already exceptional – with the present one this has been brought back to less than one year: the official date of publication is 15 November 1991. Important news can be found in the Foreword: “The printed annual Kew Index has been discontinued, but there are plans for a CD-ROM version of the complete Index Kewensis ... This electronic version is due to appear in 1992.” Whether additions will come out annually or every five years is not made clear. We hope that it will be annually, spoiled as we are by the Kew Index!