Some Malesian species of Pouteria are described or redescribed in view of new or additional material. In some taxa a wide variability is found. It is proposed to accept Pennington’s system of the Sapotaceae as final, because the century-long battle over the systematics of that family has seriously havocked its taxonomy. Presented are: additions to the descriptions of Pouteria garcinioides, P. lamii, P. obovata, and P. occidentalis, redescriptions of P. anteridifera, P. cyclopensis, P. densinervia, P. kaernbachiana, P. keyensis, P. lanatifolia, P. ledermannii, P. monticola, P. thyrsoidea, and P. vrieseana, and descriptions of the new species P. gillisonii, P. menait, P. orkor, P. pullenii, P. ridsdalei, P. wandae, and P. whitmorei. Planchonella dies-reginae P. Royen is transferred and becomes Pouteria dies-reginae (P. Royen) Vink. Palaquium komakomar P. Royen becomes a synonym of Pouteria anteridifera (Lane-Poole) Baehni, Planchonella clementis H.J. Lam of Pouteria ledermannii (K. Krause) Baehni, and Planchonella maculata P. Royen of Pouteria monticola (K. Krause) H.J. Lam. Pouteria rhopalocarpa P. Royen is transferred from sect. Pierrisideroxylon to sect. Oligotheca.