FOCKO WEBERLING & WILHELM TROLL: Die Infloreszenzen Band II, Teil 2, Monotele und polytele Synfloreszenzen. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Jena, Germany, 1998. 483 pp., illus. ISBN 3-437-35436-1. Price: DEM 238. A new volume in the monumental series of books on inflorescences in the tradition of Troll’s morphological way of description. This book treats the families Rubiaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Polemoniaceae, Convolvulaceae, Campanulaceae, Leguminosae, Labiatae, Scrophulariaceae and Plantaginaceae. A chapter on the derivation of ‘polytele Infloreszenzen’ from ‘monotele Synfloreszenzen’ concludes this volume.