The genus Endiandra R.Br. (Lauraceae) has not been revised since Meissner (1864). Flora treatments and local revisions for this genus of about 100 species have been produced for Peninsular Malaysia (Kochummen, 1989) and Australia (Hyland, 1989) with ten and thirty-eight species, respectively. A revision of Endiandra in Borneo contributes to the taxonomic understanding of the genus. Eight species, with a possible ninth imperfectly known species, are recognized on the island. Three species, E. immersa, E. elongata, and E. rhizophoretum, are described as new; the five other species are E. clavigera Kosterm., E. ochracea Kosterm., E. kingiana Gamble, E. macrophylla (Blume) Boerl., and E. rubescens (Blume) Miq.; E. rigidior Kosterm. is an imperfectly known species. A key to the eight species, and descriptions, illustrations, discussions, and distribution maps of each species are provided.