During a recent treatment of the Proteaceae for “Flora Malesiana” it has become evident that a revision of the generic status of all proteaceous taxa reported from S. Asia and Malaysia as well as from the adjacent regions of Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and subtropical-tropical Australia had to be made to reach a satisfactory correlation of the genera and species concerned as a basis for the discussion of phytogeographical relations both within and outside the proper Malaysian area. During this work it appeared necessary to transfer some species to other genera. A revision of the genus Helicia showed that a group of species had to be segregated as a distinct new genus Heliciopsis. My studies are based on herbarium specimens borrowed from the following Institutions: Arnold Arboretum (A), Bot. Mus. Berlin-Dahlem (B, where the type-material of the family remained intact), Bogor (BO), Brisbane (BRI), Calcutta (CAL), Edinburgh (E), Florence (FT), Kepong (KEP), Lae (LAE), Leiden (L), Melbourne (MEL), Miinchen (M), New York (NY), Manila (PNH), Singapore (SING), Stockholm (S) and Utrecht (IT). The material preserved in the British Museum (BM), at Kew (K), and Paris (P) has been studied during a stay at London and Paris.