Taxonomic revision, precursory to the treatment of the Rosaceae in Flora Malesiana. Generic limits in tribus Sorbeae are discussed, Stranvaesia is included in Photinia (5 spp. in Malesia), Micromeles (1 sp. in Malesia) is treated as generically different from Sorbus. Apart from these, there are in Malesia representatives of Eriobotrya and Rhaphiolepis (both 1 sp.), and some more species are cultivated and occasionally naturalized. No new species are described. New combinations: Photinia serratifolia (basionym Crataegus serratifolia Desf., replacing illegitimate Photinia serrulata Lindl.), Photinia nussia (basionym Pyrus nussia D. Don, transferred from Stranvaesia), Rhaphiolepis philippinensis (basionym Eriobotrya philippinensis Vidal), Micromeles corymbifera (basionym Vaccinium? corymbiferum Miq., known as Sorbus granulosa (Bertol.) Rehd. or Pyrus granulosa Bertol.).