During a recent expedition to the Burgers Mountains and Mt. Kegum, Papua New Guinea, several collections were made of a Vaccinium that appeared to be undescribed. With Sleumer’s revision (1967) the new Vaccinium keys out to the section Oarianthe Schltr. and then to V. oranjense J. J. S. (p. 767, lead 41). It may be fitted in the key as follows: 41. Leaves coriaceous and ± stiff, margin markedly revolute. — Corolla ventricose-urceolate or ovoid-globose, (6 —)6.5— 10 by 5-8 mm Ø. 41a. Small epiphyte or terrestrial, then creeping and ascending to 10 cm with rooting branchlets. Leaves when dry white-glaucous above, veins and veinlets obscure. Calyx distinctly lobed to nearly its base. Corolla pale pink to red, ventricose-urceolate, 5 — 6 mm Ø. Filaments laxly long-hairy below. Anthers with an obliquely transverse pore. Mt. Wilhelmina. 58. V. oranjense var. oranjense 41a. Sizable sprawling shrub, epiphytic or terrestrial, c. 2 m high, branchlets not rooting. Leaves when dry glossy dark green above, beneath with raised midrib and less distinct veins. Calyx at first shortly lobed, soon salvershaped and inconspicuously dentate. Corolla pinkish purple to purple, ovoid-globose, 6 — 8 mm Ø. Filaments adaxially long-hairy over their entire length. Anthers with a transverse terminal pore. Burgers Mountains, Mt. Kegum V. altiterrae 41. Leaves chartaceous to subcoriaceous, margin flat or but slightly revolute. — Leaves beneath generally with visibly raised veins and veinlets. (to 42.).