Goodyera subregularis (Rchb. f.) Schltr. from New Caledonia and Vanuatu is transferred to Anoectochilus. A non-peloric Anoectochilus, possibly the normal form of A. papuanus (Schltr.) Kittr., is recorded from New Guinea for the first time. Platylepis bombus J.J. Sm. and P. tidorensis J.J. Sm. are transferred to Moerenhoutia. The genus Tubilabium J.J. Sm. is reduced to Myrmechis Blume and the two species of the former are transferred. Cheirostylis quadrilobata Schltr. and C. chalmersii (Schltr.) Schltr. are also transferred to Myrmechis. The genus Myrmechis was not previously recorded from Sulawesi and New Guinea. Papuaea reticulata Schltr. is newly recorded from Irian Jaya; this monotypic genus is here illustrated for the first time. Odontochilus calcaratus Hook. f. is reduced to Pristiglottis uniflora (Blume) Cretz. & J.J. Sm.