As compared with the treatment in the Flora of Java (Backer in Backer & Bakhuizen van den Brink, 1963) with 8 species, a recent review of the genus Trichosanthes in Java resulted in the acceptance of 10 species for this island. Important changes are: the name T. trifolia has to be replaced by a later species name, T. wawrae Cogn.; T. anguina is a variety of T. cucumerina [T. cucumerina L. var. anguina (L.) Haines]; the name T. bracteata as used in the Flora of Java appeared to represent three other different species: T. tricuspidata Lour., T. quinquangulata A. Gray, and T. pubera Blume; and T. sumatrana Cogn., never recorded before, appeared to occur in Java.