It has been suspected for some time that Tetrameles nudiflora occurs in the Cape York Peninsula region of Queensland. The late Mr. L. S. Smith (Queensland Herbarium) referred some sterile specimens to this species, but, as far as is known, he never saw fertile material from Queensland. Mr. G. C. Stocker (Forestry and Timber Bureau, Atherton) collected good fruiting material of this species in the McIlwraith Ra. (13°50' S, 143°20' E) in November 1971 (Stocker 820). This appeared to be the first collection of fertile material. However, subsequent discussion with Mr. J. G. Tracey and Dr. L. J. Webb (Rain Forest Ecology Section, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) revealed that they had collected flowering material from large leafless trees in October 1968 at Claudie River (12°43' S, 143°17' E) and in October 1969 at McIlwraith Range and Rocky River ( Webb & Tracey 8230A, 9293A, and 9746A). Inspection of the Webb and Tracey specimens revealed that they were in fact Tetrameles nudiflora. Field evidence suggests that two of the suites of specimens, i.e. Webb & Tracey 9293A and Stocker 820, were from the same tree on the western slopes of McIlwraith Range. The specimens all agree with the description of Tetrameles nudiflora by van Steenis (Fl. Mal. I, 4, 1953, 385).