In Am. Fern Journ. 60 (1970) 7—12 the late Mr. C. V. Morton published ‘A further note on the type of Platycerium alcicorne’ in which he contests the lecto-typification of Acrostichum alcicorne Sw. (nom. ill.) = Platycerium alcicorne Desv., as established previously by De Joncheere in Blumea 15 (1967) 443—445, i.e. on Plukenet, Amaltheum t. 429 = Herb. Sloane vol. 102 fol. 194 from Johanna Isl., Comores (BM). Instead, Morton advocated to lectotypify Acrostichum alcicorne Sw. by some sheets in the Afzelius Herbarium at Uppsala from Sierra Leone, representing the West African taxon now properly called Platycerium stemaria (Beauv.) Desv.