Descriptio typi: Arbor 11 m alta, 20 cm diam. Ramuli teretes, 4-5 mm crassi, glabrati. Folia 4-jugata; petiolus teres, ca. 7,5 cm longus, 2 mm crassus; petioluli 4-5 mm longi, supra applanati; axes foliorum pilosi, glabrati. Foliola opposita, 9,5-16 cm longa, 5-6 cm lata, ratione ca. 2-3, ovata vel elliptica, pergamentacea, costa supra tomentosa, subtus sparse pilosa; basis paulum obliqua, in foliolis basalis rotundata, in apicalis acuta; margo serrato-dentatus; apex acutus; costa supra prominens; nervi laterales inter sese ca. 1 cm distantes, oblique patentes, subcurvati, utrimque prominentes; venae venulaeque laxe reticulatae. Infructescentiae axillares, paniculatae, ad 6 cm longae, sparse patente ramosae, dense pilosae, pedunculo ca. 5 mm longo, pedicellis perbrevibus. Calyx ca. 1 mm altus, alte connatus. Fructus bicoccus, profunde cordatus, nec sulcatus nec carinatus vel angulatus, lobis globosis ca. 8 mm diam., dense fulvo-tomentulosis, pariete ca. 0,5 mm crasso. – Typus: C. Versteegh BW 4804, NW. New Guinea, Hamadi near Hollandia, 10-viii-1957, fr. (L). Tree up to 11 m high by 20 cm d.b.h.; bark smooth, brown, conspicuously grey or white patched. Twigs terete, 4—5 mm thick, glabrescent. Leaves 3—5-jugate; petiole slightly flattened above, 6—7.5 cm long, 1.5—2.5 mm thick; petiolules 4—10 mm long, above broad and flat with the midrib raised; axes hairy, glabrescent. Leaflets (sub)opposite, 6.5—16.5 by 2.5—6 cm, 2—3.25 times as long as wide, widest about to below the middle, stiff-pergamentaceous; either glabrous, or sparsely hairy on both sides of the midrib, sometimes also with a few hairs on the nerves beneath; base hardly to very oblique, the acroscopic side broader and/or lower attached than the basiscopic side, rounded to acute, slightly attenuate or not; margin serrate-dentate from near the base; apex acute, mucronate, midrib above prominulous; nerves c. 1 — 1.5 cm distant, obliquely patent, slightly curved, ending in marginal teeth, prominulous on both sides; intercalated veins hardly developed, veins and veinlets laxly reticulate. Inflorescences axillary, panicles, up to c. 6 cm long, with few obliquely patent to patent, up to 6 cm long branches, rather many-flowered, densely hairy, the peduncle c. 5 mm long, the pedicels very short. Calyx 1—1.2 mm high, nearly completely connate, inside sparsely hairy mainly at the base. Corolla absent. Stamens: filament 0.8-1.75 mm long, anther 1.25 mm long Pistil 2-merous, stigma apparently grooved. Fruits 2-lobed, deeply cordate especially when young, smooth, the lobes globular, c. 8 mm in diam., densely fulvous-tomentellous, the wall c. 0.5 mm thick.