As with previous volumes I have to thank several persons for help in preparing the final volume or for commenting on previously published maps. They are, in alphabetical order: Dr. F.A.C.B. Adema (L), Mr. M.J.E. Coode (K), Dr. J. Dransfield (K), Mr. L.L. Forman (K), Dr. F.R. Fosberg (US), Mr. P.S. Green (K), Dr. B.P.M. Hyland (QRS), Dr. P.P. Lowry II (MO), Dr. H.S. MacKee (Noumea), Dr. R. van der Meijden (L), Prof. Ph. Morat (P), Dr. I. Nielsen (AAU), Prof. W.R. Philipson (CHR), Prof. G.T. Prance (K), Dr. M. Schmid (P), Mr. W.R. Sykes (CHR), Dr. J.F. Veldkamp (L), and Dr. P.C. van Welzen (L). I thank the director of the Rijksherbarium, Prof. P. Baas who allowed me to devote my very limited time to complete this final volume, Mr. J. H. van Os for preparing the drawings, my assistant, Mr. B.T. Kostermans for painstakingly typing out the manuscript and Mrs. E.E van Nieuwkoop for making the lay-out and the cameraready print for publication. Finally I express my gratitude to Prof. E.P. Klucking for reading and correcting the manuscript.