Length 5 mm. — Black; the plumose antennae, the anterior femora, and the tarsi (the large basal joint excepted) pale ochreous, the middle portion of the mandibles, the apical half of the anterior tibiae, and the middle portion of the intermediate femora somewhat darker; the tip of the flabellae of the antennae infuscate; an indistinct brownish subtransparent spot on the basal half of the inner margin of the elytra; wings hyaline with a transverse dusky band just before the apex; the costal nervures alternately pale ochreous and dusky. Head and thorax opaque in consequence of a very dense punctuation, covered with a short grayish pubescence; the vertex elevated, obtusely conical; the pronotum with three small smooth spots forming an isosceles triangle which has its top directed towards the head ; the scutellum glossy, impunctate but with a central fovea; the elytra strongly punctured, subshining, the shoulders glossy and impunctate; the abdomen densely punctured, the margins of the segments glossy and impunctate; the legs strongly punctured, the anterior and intermediate ones subshining, the posterior ones opaque; the middle tarsi the longest of all, the basal joint of the hind ones nearly as long as the following joints taken together.