On page 420 of the 2d volume of » The Birds of Celebes” Meyer and Wiglesworth say: » The southern Bird is the typical Edoliisoma morio, S. Müller having visited Macasser and Bonthain in 1828, but not N. Celebes.” As to the visit, that S. Müller paid to Celebes, it is right that he only visited the southern part, but he did .not collect there any Edoliisoma. The specimens, he described in the » Verhaudelingen etc.” are collected by Dr. E. A. Forsteu, who was collecting in the years 1840 and ’41 on Celebes. Five specimens of this species are collected by this traveller in the northern part, at Tondano and Gorontalo, and these were labelled by Temminck » Ceblepyris morio nov. spec.” These are the birds, which S. Müller described on the known place. The typical E. morio is therefore the northern bird; and as, according to Meyer and Wiglesworth, the bird of southern Celebes is different from that of northern Celebes, the latter having been bestowed by them with the subspecific name of septentrionalis, the southern bird must receive a new name, while the subspecific name of the northern bird ought to be suppressed. For the bird of the southern part of Celebes I here propose the name of Edoliisoma morio wiglesworthi in honour of the too early died ornithologist.