Judging from the description and figure this species seems to be closely allied to Pachyteria virescens Pasc. ¹) from Pulu Penang or from the coast opposite the island. It differs however by the darker coloration, by the smooth line along the middle of the pronotum and by the slightly emarginate (not rounded) apices of the elytra. Length 30 mm. — Above subshining and covered with short black hairs which are erect on the pronotum. Head, prothorax and scutellum black, the elytra very dark bronze green. The 5 basal joints of the antennae dark steel-blue (the 3rd, and 5th joint covered with a velvety black pubescence), the remainder lemon-yellow. Undersurface and legs black with a steel-blue hue; the coxae, the sides of the mesosternum and those of the abdominal segments along the hindborders with a greyish pile; the anterior and intermediate tarsi ashy.