A closer study of the Bat exhibited in my »Catalogue systématique des Mammifères, 1888, p. 158” as variété insulaire of Eonycteris spelaea forces me to separate it from the named species and to regard it as a new species belonging to a genus very different from all the hitherto described genera in the Macroglossine-group. Its index-finger is without a claw like in Eonycteris, Nesonycteris and Notopteris. It differs from Notopteris by a much shorter tail, by its dentition and by having the wings not from the central line of the back; it differs from Eonycteris by haying the wing-membrane attached to the second toe (not to the first) and by its dentition; it differs from Nesonycteris by haying a well developed tail and another dentition. The following description will show the more differences between the named three genera and my new genus