A second, third and fourth consignment of insects, sent by Mr. J. D. Pasteur to the Leyden Museum, have recently arrived. Besides some Hemiptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera and Orthoptera, all captured in the neighbourhood of Padang Sidempoean (resid. Tapanoeli: North West Sumatra), they contained a more considerable number of Coleoptera from the same locality. ²) These latter belong to the following species several of which were not yet represented in the Leyden Museum, whereas some others certainly will prove to be new to science. Those species which, according to the insect-collection of our Museum, occur also in East Sumatra are indicated by an asterisk, a way of acting which I thought of interest for the sake of our knowledge of the geographical distribution of the Coleoptera in the island of Sumatra. Moreover those species which are described at a date posterior to the Munich Catalogue are followed up by their citation.