Niger; prothoracis lineis tribus, elytrorum linea suturali maculisque irregularibus squamulis viridibus ornatus. Scapo valido compresso, dilatato bicurvato. Femoribus dente parvulo armatis. — Long. 5 mm. Black, the legs of an obscure brown-red colour; furnished with green scales and greyish hairs. Rostrum bare of scales at the apex which is bordered with greyish hairs, concave like the forehead and carrying an impressed median line. Scape of the antennae exceeding the anterior border of the prothorax, robust, enlarged and flattened, curved outward and downward ¹), striped longitudinally and provided with short and stiff hairs. The funicle covered with green scales and as well as the club provided with greyish hairs. Eyes distant from each other superiorly.