Dr. P. N. van Kampen offered some bats to our Museum, all from the neighborhood of Batavia, Java. Among them is a Taphozous, an adult male, with a radiometacarpal pouch and a gular sac. Among the very few Taphozous-species known from the East Indian Region, there only is a single one, presenting these two characteristics combined, viz. Taphozous longimanus Hardwicke, from the Indian Continent. Dobson (Catalogue, p. 385) described a variety from Flores under the name of Taphozous longimanus leucopleurus (by an error in Trouessart’s splendid „Catalogus Mammalium” mentioned as leucopteurus and leucopterus). I registered in the Notes from the Leyden Museum, 1897, p. 54, two specimens, collected by Mr. Goedhuis at Sintang, Borneo, a female and a young male, under the specific title of Taphozous longimanus Hardw., the first known specimens of the Taphozous longimanus-group from Borneo, meanwhile Oldfield Thomas (Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 1898, II, p. 246) described another specimen, an adult female, collected by Mr. Everett in 1892 at Labuan, Borneo, as a subspecies, Taphozous longimanus albipinnis. present no specimens of the longimanus-group Up to the have been recorded from Java; therefore it prima facie seems very probable that our Batavia-specimen may turn out to be another form of the rare and highly interesting longimanus-group. I describe it, in honour of its Donor, under the name of Taphozous Kampenii, n. sp.