In a paper dated April 1897 (Notes from the Leyden Museum, 1897, p. 25) Dr. Büttikofer stated that the work of the expedition was still being continued in Borneo, Dr. Nieuwenhuis having once more started for the Upper-Mahakkam with a staff of collectors, and that, according to the latest news he will have left the Upper-Mahakkam medio March with fine zoological collections. I may report now that Dr. Nieuwenhuis safely reached the east-coast of Borneo and started from Samarinda June 7th 1897. His hunting-stations were the following: Poetoes Sibau, on the Kapoeas, 16 May—2 June 1896. Long-Bloe, right branch of the Upper-Mahakkam, 10—26 September, 12—23 November, 16—20 December 1896.