Shell fusiformly ovate, yellowish, with brown spiral ridges. Whorls about 6, the apical ones, which are slightly eroded, appear smooth, the rest rather convex, depressed near the sutures, vertically ribbed with large swollen ribs of which there are from 10 to 14 on the penultimate whorl, and spirally ridged with 4 or 5 waved ridges on the upper whorls, with finer intermediate ones. On the last whorl, the ribs and waves become obsolete about the periphery; this whorl is encircled with a large number of spiral ridges of which from 10 to 12 form conspicuous brown lirae, with from 1 to 6 intermediate ones. Aperture occupying more than half the length of the entire shell, ovate, pale blue within, lip thickened exteriorly, internally with about 10 ridges forming small denticulations towards the lip. Columella callous, slightly excavated above, towards the middle with a few small tubercles on the left margin and a more conspicuous one near the upper part of the aperture. Canal short, oblique. Length 26, diam. 16, length of apert. with canal 14 mill. Hab. Japan, collected by von Siebold (Leyden Museum).