The Leyden Museum is in possession of a male and a female of a species of Gerygone, collected by Schwaner in Southern Borneo. These two specimens are identified by Finsch with G. sulphurea Wall., the typical and probably hitherto unique specimen of which species has been collected by Wallace on the Island of Solor, one of the small islands near the eastern end of Flores. As far as we may conclude from the geographical distribution of the other species of the genus, it is not very reasonable that two birds from these different localities would belong to one and the same species, and it is not without much reservation that Salvadori accepts this name in his work: Uccelli di Borneo ¹). A year later, in his Uccelli di Celebes ²), the learned author feels much inclined to consider our two birds to belong to a different, still undescribed species. — Sharpe, who had seen the two birds in 1878, without being able to compare them with the typical G. flaveola, united them with G. flaveola from Celebes, to which species they are certainly very closely allied. A close examination of the birds, on the occasion of a recent review of the specimens of this genus in our Museum, convinced me that they really belong, as Salvadori already suggested, to a species different from both G. sulphured and flaveola, and I am much pleased to name this new species, in honor of the learned Professor, who was the first to point to the probable specific difference of our specimens from Borneo,