Length 47 mm., width of the shoulders of the elytra 14 mm. — Very shining; bright golden green, with bluish reflexions according to the light. Thorax with a narrow pale golden red dorsal line, which widens a little at the front margin. The apical margin of the elytra, and the abdomen (especially towards the end) golden with strong coppery-red reflexions. The antennae black, with the exception of the three basal joints, the first joint being bright green, the second and third dark purplish with shades of green especially towards the tip of the third joint. The anterior tarsi, the front side of the anterior tibiae and the two apical joints of the intermediate and posterior tarsi dark purplish. Head finely punctured behind the eyes and on the vertex, excavated and rugose between the eyes, with a very deep impression between their superior portions; on the vertex a deeply impressed longitudinal line is present. The antennae hardly extend beyond the middle of the lateral margins of the prothorax.