In the end of December 1894 a living specimen of Thalassochelys caretta L. was captured near the village of Ouddorp on the island of Overflakkee. Though this species is an inhabitant of the tropical and subtropical seas, living also in the Mediterranean, it is an accidental visitor of the North. Mr. Edm. de Selys-Longchamps, speaking about Chelonia caretta, mentions: »Elle a été pêchée deux fois à Blankenberg sur la côte de Flandre, mais elle ne s’y trouve que très-aecidentellement” ¹). Fuller information as to the date of capture, or the sex and the dimensions of the captured animals is wanting. According to P. J. van Beneden two Chelonidae were captured in November and May 1859 by fishermen of Ostende ²).