When revising the genus Siphia and allied genera in the Leyden Museum, I fell upon the fact that our typical males and female of Stoparola concreta (Müller) from the Highlands of Padang (Sumatra) are in striking contrast with the other species of the genus Stoparola, which on the whole is characterized by the sea-green general color, the triangular, flat shape of the bill, the short tarsi and the uniformity in color between male and female. Their strong resemblance with Siphia Everetti, which I brought home from Borneo, led me to the comparison with the description of Siphia cyanea from the mountains of Tenasserim and Perak, a very rare bird which is not represented in the Leyden Museum. This comparison absolutely convinced me that our Sumatran birds are identical with S. cyanea from Tenasserim and Perak. Muscicapa concreta having the priority, the species has to stand in future under the name of Siphia concreta (Müller), the synonymy of which will be as follows: