Length 30 millim.; breadth at the shoulders 7 millim. — Above dull red, the mandibles and the vertex of the head as well as the antennae black; the anterior half of the pronotum provided with two elongate slightly curved and divergent black spots which bear on their posterior end a nipple-shaped tubercle; between these tubercles and the base of the pronotum, but somewhat more outwardly, a slightly raised punctiform black dot is present; the scutellum is covered with red and with black hairs. — Body beneath dull black, the extreme hinder margin of the four basal ventral segments very shining; the legs subnitid, black, the anterior and intermediate coxae red; moreover a band across the base of the prosternum and its front margin, as well as the throat, red. Elongate, rather broad, the elytra nearly parallel. The head small, prolonged anteriorly, the interantennary ridge, which is divided by a deeply impressed line, is separated from the clypeus by a narrow curved groove; the antennae are short, having a length of not quite two thirds of that of the elytra; the scape, which is densely punctured, is about equal in length to the 2nd and 3rd joint taken together, the 4th joint is the shortest of all, except the 2nd, the 5th distinctly longer, the 6th somewhat longer than the 5th, the following ones subequal in length to the 6th; joints 5 to 10 dilated on their outer side and serrated, the 11th appendiculate and distinctly longer than the 10th.