Shell pyramidal, slightly decollated, thin, fragile, moderately shining, blackish-brown, remaining whorls 6½, inflated, with a deep suture; sculpture consisting of flat ridges separated by superficial grooves. Of these ridges there are 5 or 6 on the upper whorls and about 17 on the last whorl, where they reach to the base; the ridges are crossed by more or less distinct lines of growth, which produce here and there small granules, especially towards the upper part of the whorls; last whorl with a varix opposite to the margin of the aperture or slightly backwards. Aperture ovate, outer margin expanded, thickened internally, sinuous and ascending above, produced in the middle, ending in an obtuse angle below; columella with a thin smooth callus, with an obtuse angle or fold below; canal extremely short, enclosing a rather deep sinus.