Among a small collection of Invertebrates, recently collected by Mr. K. Schädler in the neighbourhood of Kisser, I met with a gephyrean worm, belonging to the genus Aspidosiphon. Though we know already several species of this genus from the Malay Archipelago, thanks the careful investigatons of Dr. Sluiter, during his stay at Batavia 1), the present specimen could not be identified with one of them. The body of our specimen (fig. 1) has a nearly cylindrical shape; it measures 3½ mm. in breadth, its length being about eight times greater (26 mm.). The colour of the body is brownish-yellow, that of the anal and terminal shields dark brown, almost black. In the anterior half of the trunk the body-wall is rather thick, marked by annular grooves; in its posterior half, however, the skin is plain and thin, and the retractor-muscles and nephridia are visible through it. On a distance of 3 mm. from the terminal shield, nearly on the place where the retractormuscles are attached to the body-wall, the skin shows a gîrdle-shaped area of a glistering appearance. The cutaneous bodies (Hautkörper) are not very densely scattered over the surface of the body; they resemble those of A. Steenstrupii (Selenka, die Sipunculiden, taf. XIII, fig. 191), but only