I believe not to be mistaken in referring to this species a female specimen of a large Heliocopris having the elytra of an opaque black with a silky gloss, very inconspicuously striated and covered all over by an extremely delicate rugosity. The head is semicircular, with the anterior margin faintly undulated; the vertex flat, granulated, limited anteriorly by a stout transverse keel, faintly tridentate; in front of this keel the profile of the head is gradually inclined towards the exterior border, and is covered all over by a transverse rugosity, in the interstices of which a fine but very distinct punctuation may be observed. The pronotum is granulated all over; the elevated dorsal portion is limited anteriorly by a faintly arched ridge; interiorly, along the marginal edge of the sides runs a crest which is provided with long rufous hairs. The pygidium and the lateral margins of the elytra, exteriorly of their lateral crest, are smooth and shining. The above described specimen, captured in May 1877 at Loeboekh Tarab (Sumatra), has a length of 60 mm. The Berlin Museum possesses another specimen, also a female, measuring 66 mm., entirely identical with the one that was brought home by the Sumatra-Expedition.