Length from antennary tubers to end of elytra 22½ mm.; length of elytra from tip of strongly protruding shoulders to end 15 mm.; breadth across shoulders 7¼ mm. Dark piceous approaching to black; the 2nd and following joints of antennae and the abdomen dark reddish brown. Head and thorax opaque, elytra nitid. Nearly glabrous, but varied with short scattered fulvous hairs and with spots of a fulvous pubescence. The head with four spots and two narrow stripes, viz.: an elongate spot below each eye, a rounded spot ou the lower part of the cheeks, and two stripes, diverging backwards, on the vertex behind the antennary tubers. The thorax without stripes or spots but covered with short scattered fulvous hairs. The elytra with short scattered hairs and irregularly placed rounded spots, intermixed with very small ones; the largest of the elytral spots is situated at the base between the strongly protruding shoulders and the scutellum. The under surface of the body densely covered with a fulvous pubescence, which forms small but densely set spots, especially on the abdomen; along the middle the pubescence is sparser; on the middle of the apical ventral segment the pubescence is greyish white. The legs are covered with a delicate greyish white pile. The antennae have the 4th joint at the base and the 5th entirely except at the apex covered with a whitish pile, the rest blackish.