Length 38 mm., breadth at the shoulders 14 mm., length of the antennae 37 mm. — Black, covered with a grey pubescence which is wanting on the declivous front portion of the shoulders and which is very delicate on the legs; the antennae sooty black, the apical third of the elytra narrowly margined laterally with the same colour, the extreme tip of the apical ventral segment likewise black. Head subquadrate in front, underlobe of the eyes large, rounded; face between the eyes rather narrow, higher than broad, slightly convex in a longitudinal direction, divided longitudinally by a groove which has the impressed median line at its bottom. Antennary tubers subapproximate; antennae slender, as long as the body, the 6 or 7 basal joints thinly fringed beneath; the nearly impunctate scape is subcylindrical, slightly widened out at the tip on the outside and provided with a sharply denned open cicatrix; the scape is as long as the 4th joint which is distinctly shorter than the 3rd; the 5th to 10th joints are subequal in length to each other, the 11th or apical one slightly longer and very acutely pointed.