Pale yellowish testaceous, shining; the head, a very fine marginal line and a large ill-defined discoidal patch on the thorax, the scutellum and a narrow basal and sutural margin to the elytra pitchy black; a small indistinct spot on the clypeus and the antennae reddish, first joint of the latter pitchy; the upperside with very fine yellowish grey setae in the punctures; beneath densely covered with long yellowish grey setae at the sides; the margins of the thoracic segments, centre of the metasternum, margins of the femora, the tips of the tibiae and tarsal joints and the claws black or pitchy. Head closely punctured, a small central carina at the base smooth, impressed and with the punctures confluent between the eyes; clypeus elongate, a little narrowed in front, the sides strongly raised, the apex strongly emarginate in the centre with the angles reflexed and slightly produced outwardly. Thorax strongly deflexed in front, finely and densely punctured, the punctures becoming confluent towards the sides, a slight median line at the base smooth, emarginate and a little reflexed at the sides behind the middle , the basal angles rounded. Elytra closely covered with fine o-shaped punctures on the disk, the sutural margin and two narrow discal costae smooth, the sides and apex finely strigose, slightly emarginate at the apical angles with the suture a little produced. Pygidium finely strigose, dull, with coarse grey setae. Metasternum smooth with an impressed median line, the mesosternal process long, narrowed and obtuse at the apex. Legs strigose and with sparse setae, anterior tibiae long and curved, finely denticulate inside and with two slight marginal teeth on the outer side, anterior tarsi nearly twice the length of the tibiae, the first joint strongly produced at the apex beneath.