Length of the ♂ 22 mm., breadth at the shoulders 6,5 mm.; length of the ♀ 27 mm., breadth at the shoulders 8,5 mm. — Black, covered with a black velvety pubescence, and provided with markings of short white hairs. The head with a faint purplish hue and provided with two white stripes on the face, bordering the inner orbits and joining the anterior basal angle of the mandibles; with a white transverse band behind the base of the eyes and with two closely approximated stripes on the vertex, running from between the antennary tubers to the front margin of the thorax and being suddenly constricted in the middle ¹). The head is sparsely and irregularly covered with large and deep punctures. The antennae are covered with a dense whitish pile and the derm of the three basal joints is dark purplish black.