In the following lines I enumerate some birds of New Guinea, which our Museum received in the course of the year 1908. Mr. C. L. J. Palmer van den Broek and Mr. P. J. van Cloven presented to the Museum two small collections of birds, unfortunately mostly unlabelled, which are said to have been collected respectively near Fak-Fak and near Kaukas, western New Guinea, south of the Mac Cluer Gulf. As there are among the skins from Fak-Fak three unlabelled specimens of Schlegelia wilsoni and among those from Kaukas one Geoffroyus personatus rhodops and two Myristicivora melanura, also unlabelled, it is quite sure, that not all the specimens are from the given localities. Of course I mention only those birds, which are provided with a label, but in some cases, regarding rare species, I mention also unlabelled specimens. From Mr. J. Henkelman we purchased a collection of birds, that are collected on the Owen Stanley Mountains, eastern New Guinea, shot above 3000 feet, some specimens on Mount Victoria at 12000 feet of altitude. Several species are important acquisitions to our collection. Three forms are described as new subspecies.