Length 17½ mm. — Strongly resembling E. nigritarsis Pascoe ¹) of which I have a male specimen before me ²), but differing from it in the following characteristics: the new species is somewhat broader; its 3rd antennal joint is slightly longer, more slender, more distinctly incurvate and covered all over with a pubescence of a pale ochraceous colour ³); the 4th joint is more strongly swollen at the tip, and the 5th joint is thicker and consequently more strongly contrasting with the 6th; the prothorax becomes broader towards the base, and the scutellum is strongly transverse; finally the two basal joints of the tarsi do not show a black but an ochraceous pubescence. Each elytron is faintly notched at the end in an oblique direction which gives the apex of the elytra the appearance of being slightly prolonged at the suture. Hab. Amboyna (Ludeking). — A single male specimen in the collection of the Leyden Museum.