Specimens belonging to this species are very rare in Zoological collections, the only specimens to be found in Musea are, as far as I am aware, the type-specimens in the British Museum from Horsfield’s collections from Java, and a nearly adult male in the Leyden Museum collected in 1860 by Professor de Vriese, with the exact locality, district Batou, Passarouan-residence, East-Java. In his well known »Simiae” Schlegel observed that spyrrhus is distinguished from S. maurus : » parce qu’il garde, » pendant toute son existence, la teinte d’un roux-rouge » propre au très jeune âge, teinte qui change, dans le » S. maurus , de très bonne heure, au noir; puis qu’il a » les ongles d’un jaune blanchâtre et non pas bruns.”