As I told in my previous paper on Liberian Ornithology ¹), Mr. Stampfli and I left for Liberia at the end of October 1886, and arrived at Monrovia, after short stays at Hamburg, Madeira, Teneriffa, Gran Canaria and the Senegal, on the 26th of November. The next day I proceeded in an open sailing boat to Grand Cape Mount to get the servants, which were already hired for me by Mr. Watson, the Liberian Superintendent at Robertsport. From this latter place I visited some of my former stations on the Fisherman Lake, the Japaca Creek and on the Mahfa River.²) Everywhere I was very kindly received by the natives, who had not yet forgotten me and were much enjoyed to see me again. About medio December I returned with three Yey-boys and my old Liberian huntsman Jackson Demery to Monrovia and prepared for my removal to Schieffelinsville on the Junk River, where Mr. Stampfli meanwhile had hired a small Liberian farming house. As our outfit was very voluminous, I went to Schieffelinsville by sea with two sailing boats, entered near Marshall (a small Liberian settlement) the Junk River and reached, along this river, safely the place of my destination.