My assistant Mr. J. Z. Kannegieter, who is travelling in the Malay Archipelago, has had the good fortune, when collecting in the interior of Bedagei (Deli, East Sumatra), to obtain a and a ♀ specimen of the above named interesting Longicorn , of which as yet only two male specimens were known, one from Serdang (Deli) in the Leyden Museum collection and an other from Mount Ardjoeno (East Java) in the collection of Mr. van Lansberge which is now in Mr. Oberthtir’s possession. The knowledge of the ♂ sex is the more important as it shows that the extraordinary structure of the maxillary palpi is only a character of the male sex. Nevertheless the female palpi are still very remarkable for its length and robust although ordinary structure, the last joint is elongatetriangular, and finely pubescent.