Length (without rostrum) 41 mm., that of the rostrum 11 mm.; breadth at the shoulders 17 mm. Pronotum and elytra dull brown, the former narrowly margined with black and provided on the middle of the disk with an elongate ovate black patch which is divided in a longitudinal direction by a brown stripe; the elytra likewise are narrowly margined with black, which colour widens out on the shoulders and just behind the middle of the lateral margin; the scutellum and a narrow edge along the suture black; the pygidium dull black, fringed at the tip with fulvous hairs; the head, rostrum and antennae as well as the under surface, glossy black; the rostrum above with a brown spot at the extreme base, and the basal abdominal segment with a brown spot at the sides; the legs are glossy; the coxae, trochanters and tarsi are black; the femora and tibiae ferruginous, black at base and tip and along the under surface, which is moreover densely fringed with fulvous hairs, which are short on the posterior femora.