In my first paper on Birds from S. W. Africa (N. L. M. 1888, p. 242) I mentioned a specimen of Francolinus subtorquatus from Humpata. Looking through the Francolins in our Museum, I found an adult female of this same species, which has been collected by Mr. Sala near Mossamedes, on Oct. 27th 18(57. Prof. Barboza du Bocage has not mentioned this species in his excellent Ornithologie d’Angola. A comparison of his description of Francolinus schlegeli (p. 407) with F. schlegelii and subtorquatus in our Collection, convinced me, however, that the bird in question undoubtedly belongs to F. subtorquatus. The misleading note in Smith’s Zoology of South Africa, about the resemblance of male and female of this species is remedied by Mr. Sharpe in his »Birds of South Africa”, p. 601.